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Ask Allied: What Should I Pack First When Moving?

by Jackie Heath on Feb 11, 2020
You may be asking where do I start when it comes to packing for moving day? Well, we have some advice that will help you get you on your way.

Couple packing a box for movingWhen you move, you have the option to have the moving company pack your items, or you can pack them yourself. If you’re a do-it-yourself person, plan to start packing 4-6 weeks before your moving date. All your household items will need to be packed and ready when the movers arrive. So, where should you start?

1) Decorations
Decorations are a great place to start when packing for a move. Any artwork, souvenirs, holiday decorations, vases, etc. can all be packed well in advance of moving day. You may miss looking at them, but you won’t need them between the time you start packing and the time you finally unpack and arrange them in your new home. This is also a good time to consolidate holiday decorations into fewer boxes.

2) Collectible Items
Anything collectible, from baseball cards to mugs, can be packed early, too. If you have a large mug collection, leave out enough for daily use.

3) Vinyl Records and CDs
If you have an extensive record collection or still have CDs, these are quick and easy to pack. Leave out your favorites so you have music while packing, and pack the rest in a record crate or tote.

4) Books and Magazines
You can pack up any books and magazines you aren’t reading right now. If you have a large library, you’ll need to start packing it early. Books are heavy, so remember to pack them in small boxes.

5) Off-Season Clothes and Shoes
Pack clothes and shoes that don’t match the season – anything you won’t wear before moving day can be packed into wardrobe boxes or suitcase. However, if your moving destination has a different climate, be sure to keep a few appropriate outfits to wear while you’re waiting for your moving truck to arrive.

6) Items in your Garage
Items in your garage that have been stored or tools that you will not need before your move can be packed away. Only keep hand tools you will need to disassemble items or for seasonal maintenance. Also, this is the perfect time to reorganize your toolbox and cabinet. You can consolidate items stored in the garage and use the empty boxes or totes for other items you’re going to pack.

Allied Van Lines can take a lot of the stress and worry out of moving. If you’re ready to schedule a moving date, get a quote.

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