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Ask Allied: What are some of the advantages of moving during winter?

by Jackie Heath on Dec 12, 2019
People don't think of moving during the winter months, but there are some advantages when moving during this time of year. Learn what they are and you may want to make your move sooner.

Couple with popsicle stick house with winter graphicsNo one likes moving in winter, especially if you live in an area with harsh winters (or you’re moving to an area with harsh winters), but there are advantages to a winter move. Of course, the timing of your move might not be up to you if you’re moving for a job or your landlord sold your building, but if you can choose when to move, we have three reasons you should consider moving in winter.

1. Professional Movers Are More Affordable in Winter
It’s a matter of supply and demand. Because most people prefer to move in the warmer months, it can be harder to book a moving company in the summer. Prices tend to be higher because they’re busy. By contrast, moving companies tend to experience slower months once the leaves start to change colors and fall off the trees, which means the supply of professional moving help is high and demand is low, making it a great time to get a deal on professional help with your move.

2. Moving Companies Are More Flexible in Winter
During the spring and summer months, when everyone is moving, moving companies tend to be booked up, which means it can be hard to get a moving company for the dates you want or need them. If enough other people were more successful at planning ahead, or simply got more notice that they’ll have to move, they’ll be able to book the moving company you want, and you could be left scrambling to change your moving date or get moving help from somewhere else.

But a last-minute move in winter? No problem. You’re almost guaranteed to be able to find a moving company that’s ready and willing to help you with your move at any time in the winter months.

3. Settling into Your New Home Is Easier in Winter
Having more flexibility in your moving schedule means you’re less likely to have to book a hotel and storage space for the gap in time between when you have to leave your old home and when the moving company has availability, or from the moving company’s availability to when you’re able to move into your new home.

Because moving companies experience slow business during the winter months, they have more time to plan and strategize your move before the big day comes. The more planning that gets done ahead of time, the more smoothly the move will go.

As a bonus, the fact that the moving industry tends to be slow during the winter months means you could get more help from them when it comes to moving and unpacking your stuff, even while you’re paying less.

If you’re ready for a winter move, get a free quote now to see how we can make that move easier for you.

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