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Ask Allied: How should I pack my holiday decorations?

by Jackie Heath on Dec 5, 2019
Read about how to protect your delicate holiday decoration from being broken while in storage and when moving to a new home.

holiday decorations in box and on tableWe all have to deal with packing and unpacking our holiday decorations around this time of the year, but what about when it’s time to move from one home to another? What’s the best way to pack your holiday decor to make sure it stays safe, while also taking up as little room as possible?

Christmas Lights

Ideally, you should already have a system in place to make sure your Christmas lights don’t get tangled between holiday seasons. They usually come in boxes, wrapped around a piece of cardboard to make sure they stay tangle-free. Keep the box and the cardboard and use it to wrap up your Christmas lights in an orderly fashion at the end of each holiday season.

If you did not keep the box the lights came in, find something else to wrap the lights around. It can be any old piece of cardboard or a pole of some sort. It just must be wide enough that the string of lights can wrap around it and stay in place without getting tangled. You can use small cable ties to tie them in place. Once you have them secured, put them in a waterproof box and label the box accordingly.


If not properly stored, wreaths can easily be bent out of shape and broken, so to maintain the immaculately festive nature of your wreaths, be sure to get a wreath storage container. They’re especially easy to find this time of year at big box stores or organization stores. They’re usually made of plastic or a durable canvas material to make sure your wreath stays clean and holds its shape all the way to your new home.

Holiday Paper Decor

Whether it’s holiday cards or paper ornaments, such as snowflake cutouts, you’ll want to make sure all your holiday paper decor is stored safely, so we recommend using plastic bags to keep them safe and dry. If you’re worried about them getting bent or wrinkled, consider putting them in a folder before putting them in the plastic bag. Then put them all together in a plastic, waterproof box to make sure they stay safe and dry for the duration of the move.

Artificial Trees

If you have an artificial Christmas tree, use a special Christmas tree storage bag or box to help keep it safe during moving as well as during the non-holiday season when it’s in storage. Christmas tree bags are basically large, durable duffel bags, which you can find at your local store. Once you have your Christmas tree bagged, put it in a large storage box to make sure it doesn’t get bent or broken in transit.


Ornaments should be stored in an ornament box, or for small ornaments, an egg carton will also work. Keep fragile ornaments wrapped in tissue paper, newspaper, or bubble wrap for extra security during the move, but for the most part, the box itself should be enough to keep them safe. Just make sure the storage container is secure before you pack it onto the moving truck. If you have an ornament box with drawers, make sure the drawers are secured for the move.

Whether your holiday decorations are minimal, or you cover your house in lights and tinsel, hiring professional movers can help make sure all your stuff gets moved to your new home without fuss. Get a quote now to see how easy moving can be.

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