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Ask Allied: How can I save money when packing my items?

by Jackie Heath on Nov 14, 2019
Have you started packing or going to start the process, we have a few tips for you to help keep your cost down and to help you stay within your budget.

Moving can be expensive, and one question we hear a lot here at Allied is how to make moving more affordable, so we’re going to give you some of our top tips for moving on a budget.

Movers charge by how much weight they’re moving, so the more stuff you take with you, the more it’s going to cost you. If you have anything lying around that hasn’t been used or worn in years, it’s time to get rid of it, especially if it’s heavy.

Figure Out How Much Stuff You Need to Pack
Aside from the cost of hiring movers, you also need boxes to put all your smaller items in, tape to close them up, and something to pad boxes full of fragile items, whether it’s packing peanuts or newspaper.

In order to keep these costs down, the first thing you need to do is figure out how much stuff you’re bringing with you. Once you’ve purged your home of the stuff you no longer use, it’s time to look at the stuff you are bringing with you and figure out the most efficient way to pack it to keep the cost of packing items down, and save space in your car/moving truck.

Start Collecting Old Boxes
Any time you get a package in the mail, save the box because you can use that as a packing box. Ask your neighbors to give you the boxes their packages come in. You can even check out recycle bins in your area right before collection to see if there are any boxes in there you could use.

Rent Boxes
Instead of buying cardboard boxes that you’ll probably only use once, you can rent reusable plastic boxes from a company like BungoBox. Once you’ve figured out how much stuff you’re moving, and thus how many boxes you’ll need, you just put in your order and they’ll deliver it to you. Once you’ve packed them up, moved them to your new home, and unpacked, you can schedule them to pick it up from your new address.

Get Creative
Not everything needs to go in a plastic or cardboard box. Clothes can stay in dresser drawers, either by leaving them in the dresser and wrapping the whole thing in packing tape, or by wrapping each individual drawer in packing tape.

Suitcases and duffle bags are meant to be packed, so don’t let them go to waste on moving day. You can fill them with clothes, books, DVDs, anything that will fit.

Garbage bags and pillowcases also make great vehicles for carrying just about anything without the cost of either buying cardboard or renting plastic boxes.

Rent a Truck
Hiring movers is to handle your entire move is the best option, but if it’s not in your budget, you can rent a moving truck, pack it up yourself, and drive it to your new home. Just remember that professional movers are better at packing the truck more safely and efficiently, and that you pay for a do it yourself move with your time and effort, rather than money.

Compare Prices
Whether you’re hiring movers, renting a truck, renting boxes, or buying packing supplies, always compare prices to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck. If you’re looking to hire professional movers, have them come to your house so they can see everything they’ll be moving. That way they can provide the most accurate estimate before you make your decision.

Whether you’re moving from one home to another or from one office to another, Allied can help. Reach out now to get a quote and see how we can make your move easy.

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