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Ask Allied: How Do I Get Appliances Ready to Move?

by Jackie Heath on Jun 20, 2018
Learn what to do to get appliances like fridges, freezers, washers and dishwashers ready for your move.

Learn how to get your appliances ready for a moveMany people sell their appliances when they sell their house. The cost of moving large, heavy items long distance may make it more economical to sell and buy new. But if you’ve decided that moving appliances makes the most sense for your family, getting them ready is both about properly disconnecting them, and making sure they are empty, clean and dry.


While most refrigerator freezers these days are frost-free, many standing or chest freezers still require defrosting. You’ll want to allow several days for the freezer to defrost completely, but if you’re in a hurry, there are two tricks to speed the process up. The first is to use a hair dryer, the second is to place a large container full of hot (near boiling) water in the freezer; as it steams, it will melt the frost build up. Once all the ice is melted, wash the inside with a gentle cleanser and dry thoroughly. 


Turn off, empty, and wipe the inside clean. Dry thoroughly. If you have a water line for an ice maker or water dispenser, disconnect it and let any standing water drain out.

Dishwashers and Washing Machines

Clean any food particles from your dishwasher, and clean any lint traps in your washing machine. Wipe the interiors clean. Dry thoroughly. Disconnect the water hoses and let any standing water drain.

Ranges and Ovens

Clean the oven, broiler and stove top thoroughly. For gas stoves, remove and pack any detachable burners.

For all appliances

Wipe the outsides clean. Remove dust and dirt from vents or grates. Secure cords and hoses to the appliance with tape or ties.

Your moving crew will handle moving the appliances onto the truck, and sliding them into place in your new home.

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