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Ask Allied What is the Allied Move for the Most Good Program?

by Jackie Heath on Apr 13, 2018

Allied has partnered with The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers program on themove for good #MoveForTheMostGood campaign. The Adult Rehabilitation Centers have provided social, emotional and spiritual assistance to men and women who are overwhelmed by their problems and no longer able to care for themselves. Centers provide residential housing, work therapy, and group and individual therapy in a clean and safe environment. With rehabilitation, participants are able to re-enter society, achieve gainful employment. In short, the Adult Rehabilitation Centers allow participants to return to a normal life.

These are primarily free programs for participants, but they are not free to run. And as America’s addiction problem grows, the demand for rehabilitation programs increases. Because The Salvation Army does not solicit government funds for these programs, the majority of the funding comes from selling gently used household items, clothing and other goods in Salvation Army Thrift Stores. Allied has partnered with the Salvation Army in order to help connect them with families who are moving and have goods to get rid of.

When people move, they frequently have a lot of items they’re getting rid of. The Move for the Most Good Program connects agents, movers and local Salvation Army

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