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Why You Really Need To Declutter Before You Move

by Ryan Cox on Feb 13, 2018

Here are the two things everyone knows about moving: It’s a lot of work, and it’schildhood stuffed animals at a garage sale expensive. There is one thing that you can do that will help with both: Declutter so you have less to move. You’ll also have more room in closets and cabinets, and avoid that moment when you’re unpacking and say, “I don’t know how all this stuff is going to fit.”

You may think of decluttering as tidying stuff away so surfaces are clean. This is certainly a part of decluttering, but thinking of it only in these terms means the stuff is still there, ready to spill out and take over. If you’ve ever had to empty a drawer to find the item you need, especially when you’re in a hurry or have a lot to do, you know exactly what we mean.

There are benefits to decluttering that go beyond saving money and having less to move. For one thing, the less stuff you own, the easier it is to keep track of it. If you’re forever hunting for an item, say, a kitchen knife, but have a hard time finding it in the drawer because it’s full of other knives and utensils, getting rid of the excess will save you time and hassles.

Many people report feeling less stressed and more relaxed once they declutter. They also report feeling better about what they own when they narrow it down to the things they like and find useful, or that add value to their lives. If you ever feel anxious or weighed down by all the stuff in your home, cutting down on what you own before you move may make your new home a more relaxing place.

Some couples fight about stuff. Usually, it’s because one partner isn’t bothered by it and the other is, but sometimes it’s about that thing, whether it’s a picture or a piece of furniture, that one person loves and the other hates. If you’re in this category, take the time to talk about why you feel the way you do. Often the person who holds onto things feels comforted by owning things, and getting rid of them stresses them out. Getting at the root of why you experience these emotions, and what to do about them, can help resolve longstanding arguments and stresses on relationships.

So as you plan your move, also make a plan for decluttering your belongings. Take the time to think about what furnishings and other items are useful, that you like, and that add value to your life. If things don’t meet at least two criteria, then consider donating or giving them away. It will make setting up your new home an easier and more efficient process, and can make living in your new home a better experience
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