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Ask Allied: What Happens if I Have Furniture on the Truck that Won’t Fit in My New Home?

by Jackie Heath on Jul 21, 2017

This doesn’t happen very often, especially in newer homes with standard size doors Furniture won't fitand stairs and hallways that meet codes for widths. This may be an issue in old neighborhoods and when moving into apartments with tight stairwells, and narrow halls with sharp corners. Your movers are accustomed to moving sofas and other large items, so they know how to pivot to get a couch through the door or up the stairs. If something doesn’t fit through a doorway and only needs another inch, your movers can remove the door from its hinges; you may also be able to remove the door frame, although that should be a last resort.

But if something really doesn’t fit into the building, there’s not much to do. Your options are limited. The movers will leave it in your garage or another area, like the basement of an apartment building, as you direct them. If there’s nowhere indoors you can store it, but you do have a secure outdoor spot, like a porch or your backyard, to keep it for a couple of days, we recommend wrapping the item tightly in plastic to prevent damage.  You’ll have to decide whether to store it somewhere off-site, give it away, or sell it.

To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea to measure your furniture and the door your movers will use, as well as the width and height of stairwells. If you have concerns about large furniture fitting through your home’s doors, it may be best to sell or donate them before the move. 

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