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Ask Allied: Is There Anything You Can't Move, Either Because It's Too Large or Dangerous?

by Jackie Heath on Mar 24, 2017

Unfortunately, not everything you own is allowed to be transported by moving truck. Dangerous itemsWhile we will always do our best to accommodate your moving needs and furniture, some items do pose a hazard (to both our drivers and your belongings). Here’s a quick look at items we will most likely be unable to move for you.

Items Too Large for a Moving Truck

Few items are literally “too big” for a moving truck, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t restrictions on the size of the items we can move. For example, large artwork installations might require specialty packing that won’t easily load onto a truck—especially if we’re also moving the rest of your home’s contents. Other items that can pose similar challenges include things like stonework, decorative fountains, outdoor play structures, pianos, and built-in furniture that exceeds the dimension of our truck.

While it is always possible for us to bring several moving trucks and a larger team for loading some of these items, we usually recommend you hire a specialty mover for items of extremely large size or value. Not only will it save you money (because we base our rates on the weight of your belongings), but companies that specialize in things like moving pianos or artwork have different equipment and approaches to the moving process.

If you aren’t sure if an item will be best moved by our team or a separate one you hire, talk to your moving agent. They can often put you in contact with specialty movers who can work with our team to streamline the move.

Items Too Dangerous for a Moving Truck

Some things aren’t just a bad idea to transport on a moving truck—they’re illegal. Things that are flammable, hazardous, perishable, or living will either have to be disposed of before you move or be transported via alternate means.

Although there is a long list of items that fall under these categories, the most common include:

>  Gasoline and other fuels
>  Paint and paint thinners
>  Fireworks
>  Oxygen or propane tanks
>  Firearms
>  Alcoholic beverages
>  Automotive supplies (antifreeze, batteries, fluids)
>  Household cleaners
>  Animals and other pets
>  Many forms of plant life

For a more complete list of items that aren’t allowed on a moving truck, we suggest you visit this list of non-transportable items. You can also ask your moving agent and movers if you have any additional concerns.

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