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Top Places to Visit after Moving to Hialeah, FL

by Ryan Cox on Feb 27, 2017

Hialeah is the sixth largest city in Florida and is the epicenter of the Miami metro area. Given its prime location in Florida, this city is home to a myriad of must-see attractions and exciting things to do. Trust Allied Van Lines as your moving company so you can quickly get settled into your new home in Hialeah and proceed to visit the city's top destinations.

Amelia Earhart Park

Hialeah-fl-earhartAmelia Earhart Park is a spacious urban park that contains well over 500 acres. This park allows for numerous recreational activities, from biking and hiking to fishing. If you're interested in the outdoors, this destination is one of the best in Hialeah. It's open from sunrise to sunset each weekday and closed on weekends. Parking and admission are free, so you won't have to break the bank just to visit. Head to the Bill Graham Farm Village on the premises to learn about the agricultural history of Hialeah and the surrounding areas. The Tom Sawyer's Play Island provides children between the ages of 2 and 12 with swings, balance beams, spinners, and slides to have fun with. On any of the fives lakes, you can enjoy wakeboarding and any number of other water activities. If you enjoy mountain biking, specific trails are available for all skill levels. If you'd like to compete with your friends, stop by the mini-soccer complex and engage in some of the revolutionary small-sided games.

Action Town Florida

Action Town Florida is an exciting family fun center that's designed to provide both children and adults with a wealth of fun activities to partake in. These activities extend all the way from laser tag and paintball to bumper cars and miniature golf. No matter what type of game or activity you're interested in, you're bound to find something at Action Town Florida. The massive paintball and laser tag arenas on the premises have been designed by professionals to ensure that they provide equal amounts of fun and strategic possibilities. Party packages can be purchased for large groups, and they come complete with food and refreshments. Additional indoor activities open to you include rock wall climbing and basketball. A large variety of arcade machines are also situated in the building, providing you with games of all types.

Kids Adventure Play

Kids Adventure Play is a sprawling indoor children's playground that provides fun toys and activities for kids of all ages. The party packages available from Kids Adventure Play are designed to provide children with everything they need to create their own unique fun. These packages come with food, decorations, entertainment, and even cleaning services once the party has ended. One of the larger play areas in the facility is composed of a large wooden fortress with slides, secret compartments, tunnels, and other exciting areas. These areas are designed to pique the curiosity of each child and bolster their imagination. Staff is also on-hand at all times to ensure that each child remains safe.

El Rinconcito Restaurant de Santa Barbara

El Rinconcito Restaurant de Santa Barbara is a cozy, family-run cafe with a menu focused entirely on Cuban cuisine. This eatery is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The prices are affordable and the menus are exhaustive, providing you with a lot of delicious options for each meal. For instance, if you're traveling here for breakfast, consider trying the empanadas of beef or chicken. The eggs-with-pancake meal is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, as it includes Cuban toast, two eggs with ham, a side of sausage or bacon, two pancakes, and coffee. For lunch or dinner, start your meal off with an appetizer of chicken wings with French fries or plantain chips. For your main entree at lunch, try the roasted pork sandwich or giant steak burger. For dinner, the oxtail stew and Uruguayan beef steak are two exemplary dishes. Once you've finished your meal, there are well over a dozen different desserts to choose from, including everything from chocolate cake to sweet milk pudding.

Hialeah Park Racing & Casino

Hialeah-fl-casionThe Hialeah Park Racing & Casino is a premium casino in the heart of Hialeah that hosts a wide range of slots and poker tables for your entertainment. This casino has been a veritable mainstay in South Florida for well over 90 years and is outfitted with picturesque gardens and unique landscapes. Horse races are also held at this destination on a regular basis. Betting on these races is easy to do and can make for a thrilling time at the race track. When you're looking to spend some money at the slots and tables with your friends, there are many options to choose from. Situated all throughout the massive casino are nearly 900 slot machines and 33 poker tables. These tables provide guests with a wide array of different poker options, from standard Texas Hold-Em to Omaha Hi-Lo. There are several cafes and restaurants inside the casino that offer delicious food and drinks for those moments when you want to take a break from gambling or watching races. These include the Turf Club and Havana Cafe.

Cancun Grill

The Cancun Grill is an upbeat Mexican diner that specializes in hefty portion sizes. They are open for both lunch and dinner. At certain times during the week, children 12 and under eat for free with the purchase of an adult entree. For an appetizer, consider trying the nachos de platanos or guacamole. If you're searching for a vegetarian option, the Caesar salad and mix salad options won't let you down. The carne asada and barbecue burritos are favorites, as are the shrimp and chicken quesadillas. If you want something a bit more substantial, several beef and chicken dishes are available.

Mesa's BBQ

Mesa's BBQ is a restaurant that offers a vast selection of Cuban and BBQ dishes. This destination is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When arriving for breakfast, try the scrambled eggs with bacon or the Cuban croquettes and French fries. For lunch, the Cuban frita burger, tuna sandwich, and Mahi Mahi burger are your best bets. Once dinner rolls around, there are a lot of dishes to choose from. Start your meal out with a small chicken soup or small home-style stew. There are dozens of entrees to select from, so you're sure to find a dish that will satisfy your palette. If you're in the mood for a seafood dish, you can't go wrong with the breaded snapper fillet or grilled basa fish. If you want a meatier meal, try the Cuban roast pork or sautéed skirt steak chunks. Pair your meal with a delectable house wine or sangria. For dessert, don't miss out on the Cuban fritters or coconut flan.

Morro Castle

Morro Castle is a cafeteria-type eatery that offers a selection of Cuban comfort food. They are open for breakfast and lunch. For breakfast, try the steak with fried eggs and white rice, or dine on the delicious Cuban toast. You can order an additional egg or a side of sausage or ham with any dish you select. For lunch, you might want to start out with an appetizer of chicken soup or a stuffed potato. As your main entree, try the BLT or pork sandwich. If you want a traditional Cuban dish, the tamale platter and Cuban hamburger are favorites. For dessert, consider the custard or chocolate milkshake.

Westland Mall

Hialeah-fl-westlandThe Westland Mall is an enclosed shopping center that offers a large variety of department stores, retail shops, and popular eateries. Whether you're looking for a new book or need to update your wardrobe, there are stores for everything you're searching for at the Westland Mall. This selection of stores includes such popular brands as Alex Shades, Aeropostale, Foot Locket, and JC Penney. There are well over a dozen eateries situated in the expansive food court. These include Cafe Con Leche, Chili's, McDonald's, and Subway. Even if you're not looking for anything in particular, the Westland Mall is a great destination for window shopping. (Photo Credit: https://www.shoppingwestlandmall.com)

Stephens Restaurant

Stephen's Restaurant is a small New York-style deli that's a favorite among the locals of the city. It has a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere that goes well with the food. They are open solely for lunch and have a menu that's primarily centered around traditional American cuisine. There's something for everyone on this menu. For a lighter meal, go with the fish-on-greens salad or chicken noodle soup. For a larger entree, the meatloaf with mashed potatoes is a good bet. Standard New York-style sandwiches like hand-cut corned beef and kosher salami are also available. You might also want to consider specialty sandwiches like the grilled Reuben or French dip.

While moving to a new city is never easy, there are ways to make the transition a smoother one. Each of these destinations will provide you with hours of fun and a good time for everyone in the group.
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