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Top Places to Visit after a Relocation to Mobile, Alabama

by Ryan Cox on Jul 5, 2016
Are you considering a relocation to a new city? If so, where to? Mobile, Alabama should indeed be a potential city on your list.

Often overlooked, Mobile has a number of distinct features that make it stand apart from other cities. If you plan on relocating to Mobile in the near future, then you will definitely want to check out the following establishments.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Parkmobile-battleship

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park is undoubtedly one of Alabama’s most treasured attractions. The park contains several National Landmarks that provide a rich history related to World War II. Within the park there are multiple war vessels which include the Battleship USS Alabama (BB-60), the Submarine USS Drum, and various aircrafts. Visitors to the park can tour these attractions and gain a feel for their historic relevance.  When you relocate to Mobile, you will quickly see why residents of the area fought to have to USS Alabama relocated to the city as its final resting place. (Photo Credit: http://www.ussalabama.com/ )


Gulf Quest

The Gulf Quest Museum provides hands-on experiences that assist in helping visitors understand and appreciate the maritime history of the Gulf of Mexico. The Museum includes 90 exhibits as well as multiple theaters, displays, and simulators. Gulf Quest focuses a great deal of their resources on education. Children can benefit from a multitude of workshops, interactive activities, and events that promote maritime education.  When you relocate to Mobile, the Gulf will begin to play a major role in your life; therefore, learning more about it will prove extremely beneficial. Gulf Quest is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with how the Gulf operates and the role it plays in Mobile.



The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center aims to promote science literacy to residents of south Alabama. Through the use of over 150 interactive exhibits, IMAX films, and educational programs, the Exploreum presents science in an exciting manner to all who are interested. For more than 30 years, the center has been a staple in Mobile and the science community. The Exploreum is an excellent place to take your children in order to help promote their critical thinking skills as well as peek their interest in science, math, and technology. Once you relocate to Mobile, you should definitely see why the Exploreum is adored by many.


Kitchen on Georgemobile-george

Kitchen on George is an award winning restaurant in Mobile that offers delicious food you will not soon forget. The vibrant restaurant provides lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch menus that contain fresh food sourced from local establishments. Kitchen on George gives restaurant goers a unique dining experience that is not matched by any other restaurants in Mobile. The facility accomplishes this by following a strict farm to table philosophy which assures that you will always receive quality meals that will make your taste buds smile. If you want to indulge yourself with a tasty, fresh, and nutritious meal after your move to Mobile, then Kitchen on George should be your first stop.


Mobile Symphony Orchestra

The Mobile Symphony Orchestra strives to give the gift of live symphonic music to concert goers in an effort to enrich their musical experience. On a regular basis, the symphony hosts events that appeal to people of all ages. Mobile Symphony Orchestra Kids has also been created in an effort to spread the joy of the orchestra to children. Such educational programs have helped to cultivate the love of music in the hearts of many. If you would like to experience a night of musical excitement, then you should look into catching a concert at the Mobile Symphony Orchestra after your move to the city.


Downtown Mobile

Downtown Mobile is a vibrant area and the economic hub of the central Gulf Coast. The area is filled with entertaining options such as delectable restaurants, live music, and various exhibitions. Both residents and tourists alike enjoy the atmosphere that Downtown Mobile provides. The streets are filled with historic buildings that showcase the best that Mobile has to offer. The Downtown area will indeed provide you and your family with a nice welcome to the city. You will thoroughly enjoy experiencing everything this area has to offer.


Mobile Carnival Museummobile-museum

The Mobile Carnival Museum celebrates the history and cultural of Mardi Gras in its original place of origin- Mobile, Alabama. The museum helps visitors to thoroughly understand various carnival traditions and allows them the opportunity to examine multiple crows, scepters, and robes from past Mardi Gras Monarchs. Interactive videos show the grandeur parades and balls related to Mardi Gras possess. At the museum, you can go back in time by examining a gallery of historical photographs that date back as far back as 1886. If the Mardi Gras culture fascinates you, then once you get settled into your Mobile home you will want to make sure you visit this exhilarating museum.


History Museum of Mobile

Looking to learn more about the history and culture of Mobile? Well, look no further than to the History Museum of Mobile. The site contains a plethora of exhibits, both permanent and seasonal, making it one of the perfect places to visit once you step foot in Mobile. Even though the museum collection contains over 100,000 objects, some are very rarely placed on display. Because of this, current and upcoming exhibits are placed throughout the year to keep the energy and learning alive. So, whether you want to see the infamous Fort Conde or simply want to indulge in one of their latest exhibits, there is always something to be seen and learned at this wonderful attraction.


Crescent Theater

When your day of exploring has come to an end and you’re ready to relax and unwind, what better way to do it than to go see a movie! Located on the historic Dauphin Street, the Crescent Theater provides customers with an ole time, modern moving experience one must see to believe. From serving wine and beer to lounging in recliners, this one of a kind theater is nothing short of amazing. Even the owner joins in on the fun and provides the audience with some interesting details one might not know about the selected film that’s about to be watched, making it a truly unique experience each and every time. 

Wintzell’s Oyster Housemobile-oyster

If you’re looking to satisfy a seafood craving, then look no further than to Wintzell’s Oyster House located on Dauphin Street in downtown Mobile. This gulf coast treasure has been in operation since 1938 and serves a wide variety of fresh from the Gulf seafood dishes. Even though the restaurant is widely known for their one of kind oysters, several of their other menu options have won awards, making them a “must experience” destination for those visiting or better yet living in Mobile.


Mobile, Alabama is a fascinating city that contains a unique flare. From national landmarks to scientific inspiration, Mobile is a diverse area that will leave you in awe. A relocation to the city means that you will benefit from the many wonders that can be found in the heart of Mobile. You can be positive that a day will not go by that you are not amazed by Mobile, Alabama. 

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