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Allied Apps: Apps for Pet Owners

by Jackie Heath on Apr 16, 2014
Tablet and phone apps for pet owners. Great tools to take care of your pet, especially after a move.

apps for your petsIt might not seem like owning a dog and a smartphone have anything in common, but it’s becoming increasingly more common for pet services, pet perks, and pet retailers to pop up on screens everywhere.

  • Tagg: One of the most important apps for pet parents to have (especially if you’re moving to a new area) is a pet tracker. This GPS location tracker allows you to tap into your pet’s collar so that you can always find him or her in the event of an emergency or loss.
  • Pet First Aid: It’s always a good idea to have some knowledge of pet first aid if you’re an animal lover. This app highlights what you need to know for emergency situations so that you can stave off death or further injury while you wait for professional veterinary assistance.
  • Map My Fitness: This running app might be designed for human exercise, but there’s no reason why you can’t adapt the route mapper for your favorite pooch. Know where you’re headed before you put the leash on and get the perfect amount of activity for you both.    
  • iCam: Hesitant to leave your pet home alone? Curious how your dog manages to escape the fence every time? Set up this virtual camera and watch the live stream from your phone.
  • Pet Phone: If your animal is getting up in years or has special needs that require constant vigilance (or if you just tend to forget important things like nail clipping appointments and vaccinations), this app helps you track your pet care itinerary.
  • Dog Whistler: Want to have fun with your dog? Planning on putting a course of dog training into action? Skip the dog whistle with this app that simulates the sound only audible to your canine’s ears.
  • Games for Cats: The internet loves a good cat-playing-with-the-iPad video, and it’s now easier than before with Friskies’ series of cat-friendly swipe games.
  • Dog Park Finder Plus: Looking for dog parks and dog-friendly areas in your city? This app makes it easy to pinpoint locations where both you and your canine will be welcome to enjoy the great outdoors.

Many of these pet app options are free or come in at under a few dollars, making them a smart choice for pet owners who want to get the most out of their technology. While nothing can beat a good, old-fashioned game of fetch in your backyard, there’s still plenty of fun and information available on your smartphone.

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