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Is Your Attic Safe to Store Items?

Jan 29, 2015
We all do it. If something is in the way or only comes out once a year, we end up shoving it in the attic until it is needed. The following factors will help us come to a conclusion:

Characteristics of a Quality Mover

Jan 27, 2015
No one ever wants to get stuck with poor service. This is especially true when it applies to what mover you select for your relocation. When you move, you are trusting a moving company with all of your valuable possessions. Because of this, it is absolutely vital that you select a suitable mover. So, in order to select a quality mover, you need first know what characteristics to look for. Below are a few features of a quality mover.

Before You Move in: Pros and Cons of Decorating an Empty House

Jan 16, 2015

Prepping Furniture for a Move

Jan 8, 2015

Benefits of Hiring a Moving Company During the Winter

Jan 6, 2015

Ask Allied: Can a Moving Company Move Two Homes into One?

Dec 17, 2014
Can a Moving Company Move Two Homes into One? Depending on your situation, it is possible. Read how you would approach this task.

What to Get Rid of for a Downsizing Move?

Dec 12, 2014
What to Get Rid of for a Downsizing Move? 4 ideas to help you make the best selection of your items to take with you.

Pack Up, We Are Moving To…Mars?

Nov 19, 2014
Like other explorers who have come before us, their bravery led to the construction of civilizations, ideas, technology and other advancements that are thriving even in present day. So is there legitimacy in our growing curiosity in creating a home on Mars?

Ask Allied: What are the Most Expensive Items to Move?

Oct 17, 2014
Ask Allied: What are the Most Expensive Items to Move? It is not just the heavy items that are expensive to move. We give you some other personal items that are expensive to move.

A Breakdown of Moving Costs

Oct 3, 2014
A breakdown of moving costs and how to budget or plan for the entire moving process.

5 Stress-Free Housewarming Party Ideas

Sep 9, 2014
Throw a housewarming party without all the stress. 5 ideas and tips for easy housewarming parties after a recent move.

Most Common Packing Mistakes to Avoid

Aug 19, 2014
If you are packing for a move, plan ahead to avoid these common mistakes that can cost you valuable time and money during your move. Protect yourself and your belongings by packing properly for a move.

How to Prepare your Home for Professional Packers

Jul 25, 2014
How to prepare before your move for professional packers. Tips and advice on preparing for packing and loading day.

The Five Stages of Packing

Jul 18, 2014
As you pack for a move, you'll go through stages of organization, excitement, procrastination, overwhelmed and exhausted. Here are our five stages of packing for a move.

6 Things Not Worth Packing in a Move

Jul 17, 2014
When moving, the less you move the more time, energy and money you save. Here are 6 types of items that you should not move with you in order to save money, space and energy on your move.

Guide to Moving with a Baby

Mar 5, 2014
This post will hopefully provide you a comprehensive guide on how to be prepared for a move with your baby.

Ask Allied: What to do with Lost items on your Move?

Feb 7, 2014
Moving an entire household can be a scary process. After all, you’re not just putting a few belongings into a box for safekeeping—you’re putting all your belongings into hundreds of boxes and trusting your movers to make sure they get where they need to be.

Ask Allied: Why was My Final Moving Cost Different from the Estimate?

Sep 10, 2013
You’re all packed up and ready to hit the road. Your old home has been sold and your new home is awaiting your arrival. The moving company has everything on the truck and is ready to take you to the next big adventure in your life.

Ask Allied: How Much Do Moving Companies Cost?

Jun 13, 2013
We continue to revamp our blog this summer, we are introducing another new series that we hope helps you through all the common questions during the moving process. Ask Allied is our new series that will help answer your questions regarding hiring a moving company and the moving process- from the big topics to the little details.

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