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Packing Guide

The Five Stages of Packing

Jul 18, 2014
As you pack for a move, you'll go through stages of organization, excitement, procrastination, overwhelmed and exhausted. Here are our five stages of packing for a move.

6 Things Not Worth Packing in a Move

Jul 17, 2014
When moving, the less you move the more time, energy and money you save. Here are 6 types of items that you should not move with you in order to save money, space and energy on your move.

Ask Allied: What to do with Lost items on your Move?

Feb 7, 2014
Moving an entire household can be a scary process. After all, you’re not just putting a few belongings into a box for safekeeping—you’re putting all your belongings into hundreds of boxes and trusting your movers to make sure they get where they need to be.