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Moving Tips

3 Reasons to Move to McKinney Texas

Jan 21, 2016
These are a couple of questions that you will need to ask yourself while contemplating a relocation. McKinney continues to prosper as a city and is a very promising area for future residents. So, what are a few aspects of McKinney that would make you want to call the city home? Before you hire a relocation company and head out, take a look at these three reasons to move to McKinney, Texas.

Moving Booklet: Your Rights and Responsibilities

Jun 17, 2015
Moving Booklet: Your Rights and Responsibilities. If you’re planning on hiring a moving company to help you relocate, your first step should be to visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for information on how to protect your move. Every moving company is required by law to provide you with a booklet that outlines your rights and responsibilities as consumer. This is required as protection against fraudulent movers and to ensure that you have resources available should you wish to lodge a complaint. The FMCSA website takes things one step further by providing a more comprehensive list of resources, websites, and guidelines for preventing fraud.

Is a Swimming Pool a Good Investment?

Mar 1, 2015
A pool is indeed an investment. The most important thing to consider though is if a pool is a sound investment. In order to answer this, you must first contemplate a few questions.