Are you Ready to Say Goodbye to your Adopted Home?

For many thousands of people, the United Arab Emirates has provided a happy and prosperous home for many years and if you’re an expat living in the region, you’re likely to have enjoyed an exotic adventure learning about new customs and cultures. If you are thinking of moving from Dubai to another country, take the time to consider what is involved in an international move. You’ve probably become accustomed to elements of Emirates life that will be hard to say goodbye to. If you are stuck knowing where to start planning your move from Dubai, talk to the professionals at Allied and gain a host of helpful information.

Do You Have School-Age Children?

If you have children at school in the UAE, you will need to obtain a Transfer Certificate (TC) to underline their achievements so far. The TC is a guarantee to educational establishments in other countries of the level of your children's education. As the UAE has very high educational standards, a TC is highly valued in many other countries around the world.

Having a TC can save your children from an extra year's schooling, depending on which country you are moving to from Dubai. This can be especially helpful if you are locating during the course of a school year. It will help your kids move as smoothly as possible into their new educational environment.

There is a financial cost involved in obtaining your TC, but it is well worth it for your children’s assimilation into their new home. Depending on which school your children are enrolled in Dubai, you may incur a financial cost of school fees for a part year withdrawal.

To help prepare your children for an international move we have put together this helpful resource for you.

Do You Lease Your Property?

If you're considering repatriation from the UAE, you might have to terminate a lease on your property. Naturally, if you can plan your move to coincide with the renewal of your lease all the better, however your moving deadline may not allow such leniency. You need to weigh up the costs of continuing to pay your rent or terminating your lease early.

Usually in the Emirates when you decide to terminate your lease, you are required to give your landlord 90 days’ notice in writing. As this is three months in advance you may find that other costs will affect your ability to make the move overseas. Not all landlords are the same, of course, and some may give you leeway, but it is always best to check.

Your landlord will want to make sure your property is fit to live in and has been left in the condition it was when you moved in, with minor wear and tear taken into account. You can prepare for this by making sure any screw holes or other marks are covered over and that any furniture or other essentials are in good repair. Enlisting a professional cleaning company to conduct a commercial-grade clean before your departure will you regain your initial deposit to help with the cost of your pending move.

Is Your Paperwork In Order?

One of the most time-consuming aspects of moving is the documentation and organising involved in terminating your utilities and informing everyone in the UAE from your bank, to your pension company, to your friends and relatives of your change of address. When repatriating from the UAE, it’s a good idea to create a standard letter stating your current contact details, the date you will be terminating your service along with new contact details and address from the date of termination. Then all you have to do is fill in the name and address of the person you are sending the letter to and any references or account numbers for the official correspondence.

Ask the Experts!

It's a huge undertaking to relocate your whole life, whether you’re moving from the UAE for an overseas work adventure or you’re returning as a successful expat having spent time living and working in the region. No doubt there will be many elements of Emirates living you will miss.

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