Popular Expat Jobs in Dubai

expat jobs in dubai

Most people have a story of a friend or a friend of a friend who left their homeland and travelled to the glistening pearl of the Middle East in pursuit of treasure, lots of treasure. The reality is that Dubai is a sizzling hub for jobseekers around the world in search of attractive remuneration packages, exotic delights and a globally celebrated expat lifestyle. 

Offering the lure of cultural diversity and career-progressing professional opportunities, Dubai expats can’t help but be mesmerised by what’s on offer in this powerhouse Emirate. In fact, 71% of the total population constitutes foreign manpower, which has helped contributed to the Emirate’s exponential growth over the years. 

Before trying your luck in this remarkable city, you’d better have your CV up-to-date and your international mover on speed dial because there are questions that will need to be answered. 

First things first, depending on your chosen industry, your skill set is likely to be more in demand than others. The most popular expat jobs in Dubai include:

1. Hospitality 

Dubai is one of the world’s most sought-after tourist spots, therefore, hoteliers enjoy thriving business in the Emirate. Hotels owners continuously require top-class staff for the supply and demand regarding guests staying at their establishments. Therefore, customer service personnel, F&B staff, housekeeping and management roles are prominent on jobseeker sites. The region will see quite a few new hotels going up over the next couple of years, which means more jobs on the market.

Restaurants, coffee shops, and food chains also have a high demand for manpower. Dining is never out of season in the Emirate and Dubai’s restaurant options continue to grow. With a global clientele and expectation of high-quality service, you’ll need exceptional customer service skills, so leave any “attitude” at home if you want a good job in hospitality in Dubai.

2. Administrative/Clerical

Dubai expats looking for admin and secretarial work will find roles across all sectors that need administrators. A good PA, with the right recommendations, can land a fantastic work package if they present well during the interview process and have the right experience. Jobseekers can apply to hospitals, engineering companies, hotels, and other commercial establishments as well looking for clerical and data entry work. 

3. Engineering/Architectural 

From residential to road construction, Dubai has a never-ending skyline of building sites, making the whole gamut of engineering qualifications, including civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental, chemical and petroleum, as well as property development some of the most in-demand professions for Dubai expats. 

4. Sales and Marketing 

Expats who have plenty of experience in sales and marketing have great opportunities awaiting them in Dubai. Dubai is filled with shopping malls, with endless roles for retail staff and you can try your hand in the real estate, manufacturing, trade, culinary, or media industries as well. 

5. Medical Practitioners

Dubai enjoys high-quality healthcare services and is always looking for ways to improve its service offerings. Medical practitioners including doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, etc, are often hired through government agencies and there are several recruiters you can contact, such as Davidson Management and Ofinity Health.

6. IT/Software Developer/Graphic Designer

ERP (enterprise resource planning) implementation, digital transformation, and digitisation have ruled the corporate world and the demand for IT/developers/graphic designers has boomed over time. Dubai business sectors have embraced technology as a part of company infrastructure, thus, the demand for tech-related jobs has skyrocketed.

7. Recruitment/Human Resources

With all this job hunting and career opportunities on offer, Dubai needs more than ever qualified HR professionals to manage recruitment, while simultaneously taking care of employee needs. HR staff will be in charge of creating organisational development plans, making them one of the core teams within successful businesses. 

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