How to Choose an Office Mover in the United Arab Emirates

Within its 4100-odd square kilometres, Dubai is buzzing with plenty of employment opportunities in hundreds of organisations. Attractive job prospects tend to pop up all over the Emirate, leading employees to follow the work. In the same vein, businesses will come and go from corporate leases due to the expansion or downsizing of their company, depending on their individual economy at the time. This has led to services, such as movers and packers in Business Bay, thriving with the constant relocation of office space. 

The company you work for may have found a more convenient or better value-for-money property to lease, so the Allied United Arab Emirates team has compiled a list of what to watch when hiring office movers. 

Choosing Movers and Packers in Dubai’s Business Bay

Company Reputation

The traditional way to find the best moving services is through word of mouth. Nowadays, you can find everything online, which includes reviews and testimonials from customers who’ve used the services offered by individual businesses. Searching the internet can help you look for professional movers and packers in Business Bay. Make sure the removalist has an office, a professional website, and positive ratings from previous clients. 

Also, consider how long the moving company has been in business to ensure you’re hiring experienced contractors, especially when moving offices in Dubai to minimise downtime.

Moving Strategy

Front of mind for managers and HR departments is how to minimise the impact on the business’s bottom line, especially because relocating an entire office will cause delays in operations. While it is impossible to achieve zero downtime, expert movers can reduce the interruption to services. Ask your mover about their current relocation strategy and request a timeline, so you can prepare your staff and systems for the move. 

Allied provides a moving consultant who can help you implement an effective moving strategy. Your personal moving consultant will help you and your organisation before, during, and after your move. 

No-obligation Free Quote 

Professional Dubai moving companies do not ask for a deposit nor require payment for an estimate. Be wary of movers and packers in Business Bay that request funds upfront as this could mean the company is sustaining its business via their client’s deposit, which clearly suggests poor management. Additionally, you should never pay for a moving quote. 

A reliable business mover won’t provide an estimate without doing a walkthrough of your current office. If a moving company sends you a quote without seeing your office supplies and equipment firsthand, be wary because they could add hefty fees at the end, claiming additional time or services.


Insurance is a critical for a corporate move, even locally because while professional moving companies only hire skilled individuals to ensure the safety of your belongings, businesses have liabilities that cannot be left to chance. If a mover doesn’t offer insurance cover, this is another indication of unprofessional operations.

Any Questions?

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