Checklist when Moving Home


You have been planning on moving home from the United Arab Emirates and now that the hunt for new accommodation has finally come to an end, all you need is a swift transition.

You already know you need to organise your belongings and the necessary paperwork properly, and you are also aware that in order to do this, you need to plan ahead. The team at Allied has prepared a moving checklist, which you can use to make your move as seamless as possible.

Moving Home Checklist

Start by ticking off these items as early as possible:

  1. Contact a moving company for a free estimate.

    When moving out of the UAE, start inquiring at Allied as early as 4-6 months. If you are moving locally, do it in with about 8-12 weeks up your sleeve.

  2. Make an inventory of all your belongings.

    What belongings do you intend to bring? Which ones would you rather sell or donate? Plan as early as possible, so when moving estimators visit your home, you can get a better estimate of cost. Doing this will also give you time to declutter.

  3. Organise school and medical records.

    Check with your children’s school at the earliest possible date to arrange your kids’ documents. Create a timeline and schedule when you can process their papers. Also, collect your medical records from your local clinic or hospital, so you can provide them to your new doctor.

  4. Acquire packing supplies.

    You don’t need to wait for the last minute before you start packing. Do it little by little. You’ll need storage boxes, bubble wrap and tape. Start sorting out the items you don’t use daily and set them aside, ready for the move. Do not forget to label the box and make an inventory of what is inside.

  5. Secure your valuables.

    Pieces of jewellery, cash and original documents should all be packed securely to avoid loss. You wouldn’t want to go rummaging for these items when you start packing your other belongings.

  6. Clear your bank loans and pay your fines.

If you are moving home from of the UAE, be sure to settle your loans, credit cards and any traffic fines as soon as possible. Obtain a bank clearance and transfer your money to your new bank.

One month before the moving day:

  1. Close your rental contract.

    Advise your landlord of your moving date. To avoid unnecessary payments, start repairing any damage you’ve incurred on your property.

  2. Close your utilities and subscriptions.

    This article will provide information on how to close your utilities in the UAE. Also, close your magazine subscriptions, gym memberships and your telecom line.

  3. Finalise plans with your moving company.

    Allied will provide you with a personal moving consultant, who will act as your contact point. They will manage any loose ends on your moving day.

  4. Pack overnight luggage.

This will serve as your emergency kit, so be sure to include toiletries, snacks, extra clothes, pyjamas, and anything you need on the way to your new home. Do not forget to pack medicine and water, too.

There may be other minor items to consider on moving day. Always remember to stay calm. By hiring a reliable company like Allied and by following this checklist when moving home, you will be ensured your relocation will go smoothly.