• AlliedTV: Packing Supplies for your Move

    by Jackie Heath | Jul 21, 2014
    Having the right materials to help you pack your items safely and securely is important. But with all the supplies out there which ones are right for your move and worth your time? Well, in this video we answer this question and help you compile a list of necessary materials you will need before preparing for your move to your new home.

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  • The Five Stages of Packing

    by Jackie Heath | Jul 18, 2014
    moving suppliesStage One: Optimistic, Organized Super-Packer

    This time around, you’re not sneaking into the back of a grocery store to scrounge for spare cardboard. You’re going to buy matching boxes—the kind that come in a full set and have a special spot for writing the contents. In fact, you’re also going to buy an economy-sized roll of packing tape. And a set of rainbow-colored Sharpies. And a bag of those packing peanuts that are made of cornstarch so you’ll always have a snack on hand.

    With a few months to go until the big move and $300 in packing supplies waiting in the trunk of your car, it’s impossible to fail.

    Stage Two: Moving to Garbage Bags…Organized Garbage Bags

    Turns out you forgot to buy a few things, so you’ll need to make one more trip to the moving store. This time, though, you’re skipping right over the packing supplies and looking for industry-sized garbage bags. How is it possible for one family to have accumulated so much stuff over the years?

    You also take a moment to grab some real snacks this time around. Those packing peanuts aren’t nearly as delicious as you thought they would be.

    Stage Three: Brilliant Ideas

    packing stages

    So, you were on Pinterest the other day—not procrastinating at all—and it turns out there’s a way to get cheap labor and have fun packing. Throw a moving party! It’s pretty easy to set up…all you have to do is make invitations and send them out to your friends and family members. In exchange for a barbeque (or pizza night) and free beer, all they have to do is show up and pitch in. You get the work done in half the time and enjoy yourselves in the process.

    Of course, you’ll need to head to the craft store first, since all your invitation supplies are in one of the three boxes you managed to get packed on your own. It can’t hurt to get more snacks, too.

    Stage Four: Party Clean Up & Crunch Time

    It’s fortunate you have all those extra garbage bags, because your house is littered with empty bottles and pizza boxes—and did they really open up the box of clothes earmarked for donation and hold a fashion show?

    Good thing there’s still a full week until it’s time for the move. That should give you plenty of time to clean up the mess from the moving party and finish packing the six rooms you have left. Besides, you still have that entire roll of economy-sized packing tape to use up.

    Stage Five: Return of the Garbage Bags

    moving day

    It might not be the safest way to move your belongings, but it turns out you can use garbage bags for everything. Twist them around breakables and tape them about twenty times, and it’s almost like bubble wrap. Throw random items in and call it as good as a box.

    So what if you end up tossing one hundred identical black bags into the back of a truck amid the sound of breaking glass? You’re on your way! Moving day is finally here!


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  • 6 Things Not Worth Packing in a Move

    by Jackie Heath | Jul 17, 2014

    what not to packOne of the best ways to reduce your moving costs and avoid overtaxing yourself is to know what’s worth packing and what’s better to donate or throw away. Although it might be difficult to say goodbye to some of your more beloved items, there are some types of things that are easier to replace in your new home or to get rid of while you’re in a cleaning frame of mind.

    Here’s what we recommend you set aside:

    1. Heavy, Worn-Down Items of Furniture: If it’s an antique or has sentimental value, by all means keep the furniture and make sure it’s well protected on the move. However, if it’s wearing down and you’ve been considering a new one anyway, now’s an ideal time to toss it out. Items like dining room furniture, pianos, couches, and dressers are usually the heaviest (and therefore most expensive) items to move. If yours isn’t in good repair, it might end up being more cost-effective to donate or sell it and buy a new one when you arrive.

    Firewood and Outdoor Items: Firewood, wood pellets, outdoor patio furniture, potted plants…these types of items tend to weigh down a moving truck and cost more to move than they do to purchase brand new.

    3. Unattractive Artwork:
    Transporting artwork requires careful packing and plenty of room in the moving van. If you’ve been unsure about that oversized poster or a heavily framed landscape that’s about four decades out of date, it might be a good idea to earmark these items for donation.

    4. Books and CDs: Books are often the heaviest items in a house, and are therefore the most expensive to move. If you have a lot of books, CDs, DVDs, and other content, you may want to consider going digital and transporting them that way. You can also go through and purge any music or books you no longer use regularly.

    5. Canned and Frozen Foods: It’s rarely a good idea to transport food to or from a new home. Canned goods weigh more than they’re worth, and frozen foods can spoil along the way. Start early and begin using these items up in the weeks leading up to moving day. If you run out of time before you consume these goods consider donating them to Move for Hunger an organization we work with.
    6. Clothes that Don’t Fit: Moving is an ideal time to go through your closets and get rid of items you and your family have outgrown. More than anything, a move is an ideal time to start fresh and purge the closets full of belongings you haven’t had the time (or energy) to toss out. Kids’ clothes and toys they’ve outgrown are especially bulky.

    No matter what you end up setting aside, make sure you take some time to decide if you want to throw items out, donate them, or put them up for sale in a garage sale. Several trips to the dump could end up costing you money in the end, while a garage sale could put cash in your pocket. As long as you start planning your move early, you should have plenty of time to figure out what goes and what stays behind.

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  • Should I Have Professional Movers Pack My Things?

    by Jackie Heath | Jul 16, 2014

    professional moversOne of the benefits of hiring a professional mover is that you can have someone else do all the packing for you. While there are several different types of moving options available (ones where we do the packing, ones where you do the packing, a hybrid between the two), many families choose to rely on professional movers in order to do as little of the physical labor themselves as possible. While this is a more expensive option than taking care of all the boxing up yourself, there are many different benefits.

    Here are a 6 questions you should ask yourself before deciding if you should hire professional packers.

    1. How much time do you have to prepare for the move?
    One of the biggest advantages of having professional movers pack for you is time management. Not only will they take over the burden of packing for you, but the teamwork approach means they can do it in a fraction of the time it takes the average family.

    2. Do you have easily damaged items to move? Flat-screen televisions, family heirlooms, boxes of breakables, oversized paintings…these things tend to be more valuable and difficult to protect than your clothes and books. Professional movers have expert training and access to specialty boxes to add a layer of protection, and you can also take advantage of additional insurance offers. 

    3. Will you have a family/kids/pets to worry about?
    There’s no question about it—families have a harder time of moving than single people or those without small children. If there are little ones (or four-legged ones) running around, it might be best to leave the packing to the professionals so you can focus on caring for your loved ones.

    4. Are there physical limitations to what you can do? Moving is a stressful undertaking—both emotionally and physically. Don’t forget that you’ll also be doing quite a bit of unpacking, rearranging, and settling in once you get to your new home. If you aren’t up to the physical task of packing up and preparing all those boxes, it might not be worth the risk to your health to try. 

    5. Do you know how to pack leather items? Upholstery? Easily warped wood?
    Different materials require different types of packing and bubble wrap. Don’t damage your furniture by wrapping leather in plastic or trapping moisture in with your books. A professional mover will know exactly how to pack items safely.

    6. What’s the weather like? This might seem like a silly question, but it’s an important one. If you live somewhere excessively hot (or if you’re moving in the summer), you can overexert yourself trying to pack everything on the on. The same is true if you live somewhere humid or overly cold. Not only can movers handle the weather, but they can take protective measures so that the climate doesn’t affect the safety of your belongings.

    If you’ve come far enough in your life, your career, and your family to not have to handle every aspect of your move on your own, we recommend you consider hiring a full-service mover with packing. Not only can we pack up your home quickly and efficiently, but we can provide an extra layer of protection.


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  • Apartment Moves: Unique Packing & Unpacking Tips

    by Jackie Heath | Jul 10, 2014
    apartment movesMoving to or from an apartment is different from moving to or from a single-family detached home. In addition to working within a smaller space, you may be facing several flights of stairs and regulations about when you’re allowed to bring the movers in.

    Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a smooth and efficient move. Keep reading for some of our top apartment packing and unpacking tips.

    > Ask about elevator or moving van space reservations. Because apartment buildings often have multiple residents coming and going at the same time (especially during the busy summer months and on weekends), you may be required to reserve the elevator or a parking space out front. Do this early to get a good time, and make sure you coordinate with your movers.

    > Let your movers know the specifics.
    The more you know about the apartment requirements and codes (times of access, when your move is scheduled, if you’ll have elevator or storage use, what floor your apartment is on), the smoother your move will go overall.

    > Measure doorways and stairwells.
    Large pieces of furniture may not make it around tight corners or into smaller doorways—which means you may have to go in through a window or even give the furniture away. Always measure before you start moving so you have a better idea of what’s going to fit. (It’s also a good idea to measure the apartment itself. Nothing is worse than packing up your couch or bed only to find that it won’t fit in the new space.)

    > Clear out a room or corner.
    Packing up an apartment is tricky because there’s rarely enough room for you to store boxes and supplies. If possible, clear out a guest room and designate it as the moving room. You can keep your packing supplies and already packed boxes in here, helping you get a head start on the packing process. (A corner of your living room or cleared out closet can provide the same thing.)

    > Consider renting a storage unit
    . When someone moves out of a house, they can use a garage, portable storage container, or on-site shed to store their belongings. In an apartment, these types of spaces aren’t available. You may want to look into a storage unit or a moving company that will allow you to begin moving things out early.

    > Clean as you go.
    If you want to get your security deposit back, you’ll need to leave the apartment in good repair. Start the cleaning/repair process early on. Although you can do deeper cleaning once the apartment is cleared, it’s best not to leave everything until the very end.

    Moving to or from an apartment may take a little extra advance planning, but it can still be a fairly painless transition. As long as you communicate with your apartment and movers (and as long as you have any agreements in writing), you should be okay to make the transition.

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